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Polly Alexandre overcame decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money, to live the life she was always meant to live. She travels between Ibiza, London, and LA, helping creative & spiritual entrepreneurs manifest the resources they need so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of - and give their greatest gifts to the world.

Polly is a certified Master Coach, an Intuitive Healer & holds a BA (Hons) in Psychology. She blends her extensive transformational coaching experience and intuitive healing abilities with 15 years experience as an entrepreneur.


Polly is the creator of Money Beautifully™, a proven programme to clear your money blocks, and uses powerful energy clearing techniques, meditations & transformational coaching to help people write a new story about money. As the founder of Thrive Beautifully™, a comprehensive Business, Money & Energy Mastermind for spiritual entrepreneurs, Polly helps changemakers, visionary creatives and spiritual leaders fulfill their soul’s purpose and use their gifts to change the world.

Students flock to her for her effervescent inspiration, her compassionate presence, and her super-power intuitive skills. She instantly tunes in through the noise to pinpoint the core of their issues & create rapid transformation.


my story


I always struggled with it.

Asking for it, holding on to it, managing it

There never seemed to be enough, no matter what I did….

When I decided to start my own business, letting go of my corporate wage, I came face to face with all my money struggles.


In fact it wasn’t just my story of struggle - I uncovered it was a story going back generations.


It’s 4:44 AM, and I’ve been woken up again at that exact moment, with an idea that just won’t quit bothering me. This has been happening every night for the past week.

Finally, I decide, this is not some random event, and I need to listen to what’s coming through me, and do something about it.

I grab my journal and my pen. And the writing and ideas start pouring through me.

Pages and pages of writing.....

I didn’t know where it was coming from....

The message I was getting was that I needed to heal my own family lineage patterns around money… and that when I did this, I’d be able to help others do it as well…

Like most people, I didn’t need to go back very far in my family lineage to see deep wounds around money.

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My grandmother was one of 13 children in her family who lived in a workhouse, where totally destitute people worked 16 hours a day to earn a a bit of food & a place to lay their head in a dirty bed. (Think Dickens novels here...)

Fortunately, my parents escaped this fate. Through working four jobs, my dad was able to buy a set of horse stables, that they were going to convert into a house. I came along before the work was finished, and spent my first few weeks in a caravan.

(No wonder I’ve been told I am spiritually connected to horses!)

So yes… my early years were “simple.” But I won a place at a high-performance school - and it seemed as though I was on my way to escape the poverty roots of my family.


I was the first person in my family, ever, to go to university. I started working at Marie Claire, and quickly leapfrogged into a job in fashion PR. 

This would seem like a dream job - how many young women would love to work in fashion? (Free Jimmy Choo shoes, hello?!) But basically, I was a glorified coffee-fetcher, and I knew I was destined for bigger things. I didn’t quite know what at that point - but I knew I had to move on. So I quit, with no Plan B. 

I was at a friend’s house, working on my CV, and I had to send it out that night. Right before I was about to send it out, the power in the whole street went out. A neighbour knocked on the door, inviting us over to their house, with candles, a wind-up radio, and of course, wine. We had a grand old time drinking and laughing. 

The next morning, a note came under the door from the neighbour - with an offer of a job for me in a top London advertising agency.


I have always paid attention to “signs from the universe” and this couldn’t have been a bigger sign!


So began my unplanned career in advertising. 

I came from nothing, so the fact that I was earning a solid salary for the first time felt amazing to me. I started to travel, went on holidays for the first time, and went shopping. 

By the time I was 28, I was ready to buy my own house - in an up-and-coming neighbourhood in London. By that time, I also knew that I needed to be doing something more creative with my talents.


I followed my intuition... I knew there was something greater out there for me.



And again, I quit my comfortable job with only a marginal Plan B - in this case.

I followed my heart into photography and started my first business - again swimming against the tide, I started shooting weddings on film.

“Wow, you can do what you love & make money?”
This was a revelation to me and I’ve never looked back.

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But entrepreneurship brought all my hidden money stuff rising to the surface. I was given a crash course in how to ask for money, how to believe in my value and how to raise my rates. It wasn’t easy, but I went from £500 shoots to £5,000 shoots.

With my success from my business, I was able to buy my second home - my dream home in Ibiza. I moved there with my boyfriend, and the day we arrived, he proposed to me!

My life seemed perfect. I had my man, my business, my dream home, on my dream island…..

& then suddenly everything fell apart.

Within 6 months, my mother died suddenly of a previously undiagnosed cancer, and my father got diagnosed with cancer as well. As a response to the incredible stress, I developed my own serious, ongoing allergies that kept me from working to my full capacity.

All of this might have been manageable, but then one more loss pushed me over. A year after our wedding, my husband walked out suddenly, without warning or explanation.



My family had fallen apart.

My marriage had fallen apart.

My health had fallen apart.



I was spending so much energy dealing with all this trauma, my money dried up, and I had to sell my house in Ibiza, the one I had dreamed about for years. I started panicking about money.

As I was searching online for what to do, I saw an advert for a life and business coach. I knew I was in a bad way and needed support, so I took the woman up on her offer of a free consultation.


I started crying on the phone - these were tears of recognition that I needed to work with her. I was already in debt, so I figured I could go a little more because I needed this.

I put the coaching on my credit card - and within the same week, a photography gig came in for exactly the amount I had just put on the card. I figured this was a sign!

The coach helped my put my life back together. I got my photography site updated. I raised my rates. Work started coming in, and things felt like they were coming back together in my life.

And this is when the upswing really began…

I saw just how dramatically my life, my business and my money had turned around from this short stint of coaching, I knew that there was more here for me to explore, and share with the world.

I began a deep-dive into my own money mindset, to understand how and why I had lost it all, and how I was able to rebuild it quickly.


I saw all the programming around money I had grown up with. I had so many family stories around money. I had carried debt for so long. I had always panicked on tax day, pulled it together at the 11th hour, and then went through the cycle of ignoring money for a year until the next bill was due. A pattern of scarcity and never-enough ran my life.

“Never again.” I decided.

Through all the clearing and healing and personal development work I was doing, I realized that wealth consciousness and abundance was possible for everyone - and I had seen it with my own eyes and experience, in my own recovery.

I went from zero to 6 figures in just over a year in my new coaching business – part time. In less than a year I doubled my coaching fee from £2500 to £5000 and clients lined up to book my new packages.


My business growth went from 5 figures to over $250,000 in just 2 years.


I started taking my own learnings about how to transform your money mindset, and sharing them with coaching clients.

The more I learned, the more tools I got, and the more I shared.

As my intuitive abilities strengthened and grew, I started being able to see the exact blocks that were stopping people making money.


As I worked on clearing their money blocks, my clients started seeing incredible results…

  • Emma literally doubled her monthly income in 8 weeks

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  • Kim went from no enquiries for 6 weeks to booking 3 dream high-end clients & 2 speaking opportunities in just 1 month

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  • Lisa secured £40k of new business in 90 days

  • Rina tripled her sales in 10 weeks

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  • Cara brought in $30,000 in the following 30 days without any extra marketing, following a VIP Private Intensive with me


With a deep sense of knowing, I realised this was the work I was here to do in the world.

As much as I loved working with 1-on-1 clients, I could only work with a few people that way. I knew this work was here to impact many.

I dug deep, meditated, prayed and asked for answers, and the answer was to create Money Beautifully


My work with money mindset helped hundreds of people, then thousands of people, all over the world.

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 Now with Money Beautifully™ and Thrive Beautifully™, I have helped spiritual and creative entrepreneurs create true abundance and success for themselves, and fulfill their purpose of making a difference in the world.

I help people like YOU rewrite your story.

Are you ready to step into your full potential and create a new MORE abundant reality?