How to Journal: 9 Steps to Writing a Journal


Ever wondered 'How to journal?'

Or maybe 'What do I write in my journal?' or even 'Why would I even want to journal...what's the point?!'

Well, wonder no more! I am here to enlighten you friends!

Daily journal writing is one of my favourite self-mastery tools EVER.



Journaling enables you to be there for yourself.Journaling helps you access your POWER and your INTUITION.

Journaling is a way to easily and quickly connect to yourself in the midst of a busy life.

Journaling is free, easy, you can do it anywhere and it needs nothing but you, a pen and paper.

Journaling gives your inner self a voice and a space to hear that voiceThere are so many benefits of journalling. I use journalling to clear negative emotions by giving them a safe space to be expressed. I use it to hear guidance from God and the Universe on what to do in my life and business. I use journalling when I get stuck & need an answer to a problem.


1. Choose a beautiful journal that makes you want to write in it! Something in a colour that lights you up, something luxurious, with nice paper & a tactile cover. I love a gold leather journal with thick cream laid paper. Yes, that's the discerning artist in me 😉

2. Write 3 pages, ideally 3 A4 pages. Yes. There's a point to this. By keeping going, you go in deeper. The deeper you go in the more gold you find. The deeper you clean out. The more insights you receive.

3. Journal without interruptions. Carve out a space and time when you will not be interrupted. On weekday mornings I set my alarm for 20 minutes. You can play peaceful music if it helps you focus. I prefer silence. My own mind is loud enough ;-). I like to burn a beautiful scented candle whilst I write.

4. The First Page is about Letting Go... dumping and clearing out anything that's bothering you or on your mind, however, trivial or familiar.

5. The Second page is a Prayer Page - you can either designate this as such or allow it to unfold organically. This is where you ask for help, for answers, solutions, outcomes...

6. The Third page is where the solutions come: the Miracles Page. Connections and insights occur, answers are received and new possibilities, solutions and ideas come. You will find once the mind debris and monkey chatter is cleared, you will start to get insights or write about things you are processing.

7. Ask questions in your journal. Try writing a question to the Universe, for example 'How can I move forward in this situation?' or 'What can I learn from this?' or 'Why is this happening for me?' and sit and wait for answers. I literally wrote them out like a title and then see pops into my head. Sometimes it's a flurry of ideas, sometimes it's one thought/phrase. Don't judge. Just be open to what comes.

8. Do not share your journal with anyone. This is a sacred and safe space just for you. Make it a safe space of no judgement from you or anyone else.

9. Allow whatever comes up to the surface and be processed. If it comes up it's because you haven't processed it yet. If you spend a page writing about something small that's really bothering you, that's ok. It needs to be heard. By hearing it and processing it, you are creating the opportunity for it to be cleared from your mind. Cry, get mad, scribble out those angry, hurt or disappointment & release it onto the page. You'll feel so much better afterwards.

Journalling connects us to our inner power and wisdom.

When we are connected to ourselves, we know what we need to do to create the change we desire. 

So now you know how to journal more effectively and how to make the tool work for you.

Share what the experience was like for you below!