Yulia, Artist

Private Coaching with Polly was a pathway to my new life & my dreams coming true!

“My 1:1 coaching programme with Polly fast became a real pathway to my new life. What seemed to be a dream or a fairytale at the beginning, turned into reality towards the end of the coaching.

Polly helped me make so many powerful mindset shifts, that even my friends and family started seeing a different person.

I used to be so resistant to changes and felt frustrated thinking about my future. Now I find changes exciting and I believe I deserve a fascinating and joyful future, which I see clearly now.

With Polly’s support I managed to overcome a fear of becoming visible. Now I am actually making money from selling my artwork at last & I sold several thousand pounds of my work at my first exhibition as a new artist!

I’m also preparing to move to Spain to live by the sea - another dream is coming true! 

Private coaching with Polly has definitely been one of my best investments ever and I can’t be more grateful to Polly for all these miraculous changes I’m going through.”

Yulia, Artist