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Hear how my clients created epic transformation in their lives and be inspired about what’s possible for you too.

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“I doubled my income during Money Beautifully... it's been a total gamechanger!”

Before the course, my business had plateaued and I was struggling to bring money in. I wanted to change direction but I lacked the confidence to launch a new idea. I was frustrated and fed up.

Now half way through – and without changing my marketing or doing anything differently on the outside, things have started to turn around! I’m making money consistently, I am consistently booking clients.

It’s literally from completing the modules and doing the energy healing that this has happened!

The value of the Programme FAR exceeds what I have paid for it! I highly recommend Money Beautifully!

Emma O’Brien, Photographic Artist & Mentor


“During Money Beautifully I have manifested over $22,000 worth of cash and value which is absolutely MIND BLOWING!

My sales in my job have TRIPLED since the start of the Programme!”

Rina Mittiga, Sales Trainer


“From full time job to award winning new entrepreneur!”

I approached Polly to maximize my growth at a time of many changes - having just gotten married, moved continents and industries. Polly really helped me get to the core of who I am and where I want to get to. In the 7 months we worked together, she supported me through the transition from a full-time job to starting and running my own business…I’ve since gone on to win Second Prize in the UberPitch Girlboss Awards where I won $65,000 in funding for my start up.

Bilyana Freye, Co-Founder & CEO, Hoppin


“I’ve been doing Polly’s meditations everyday the last week or so and I feel massive shifts in how I’m feeling. These are starting to reflect on the outside... financially, people being more friendly, husband being amazing, life feeling easy, customers appearing from all over….more and more synchronicities.

I almost can’t believe it, it’s like actual magic!”

Katie Wood, Graphic Designer

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“Private Coaching with Polly was a pathway to my new life & my dreams coming true”

My 1:1 coaching programme with Polly fast became a real pathway to my new life. What seemed to be a dream or a fairytale at the beginning, turned into reality towards the end of the coaching.

Polly helped me make so many powerful mindset shifts, that even my friends and family started seeing a different person. I used to be so resistant to changes and felt frustrated thinking about my future. Now I find changes exciting and I believe I deserve a fascinating and joyful future, which I see clearly now.

Working with Polly, I learned a lot, I changed a lot and I achieved a lot. I became more organised, I have a much better awareness of my finances, I have moved from London to Barcelona and I have become a full time artist - I had my first solo exhibition in London, which was a great success, and I keep growing in this area. I have become more emotionally stable and confident, and I have much more clarity and optimism regarding my future. Now I find life to be much more fun, and I have become a much happier person. 

Private coaching with Polly has definitely been one of my best investments ever and I can’t be more grateful to Polly for all these miraculous changes I’m going through.

Yulia Petrova Meek, Artist


“Since Money Beautifully, our sales are up 244% on this time last year!!”

Cathy Starnes, Boutique Owner


“Polly is extremely perceptive, and she sees right to the heart of an issue”

That was the truly powerful thing about mentoring with Polly. She didn’t just help me though the specific issues I was tackling at the time, she helped me learn how to be a stronger, more confident, more efficient business person and woman.

Ria Mishaal, Photographer


“My whole world has changed since I started working with Polly”

12 months later, I am a completely different person.

My life and work are different, my relationships are different... my whole world around me has changed. I have shifted and transformed in more ways than I can count!

Polly's programmes, coaching, guidance, love & support has been pivotal in finally unleashing in me the ability to express, expand and go out into the world.

I chose Polly for her unique mix of healing and coaching, of compassion and love and a firm hand. The way she leads with ‘tough love’, is perfect for me. I don’t think ANYONE ELSE on the planet could do for me what she did and still does for me.

Gabriela Awad, Healer


“In the first 90 days with Polly I brought in over £40,000 of new business”

Lisa Baker, Wedding Planner


“I just had a big moment of ‘I LOVE MY NEW CAREER!”

So I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU as it was your support and coaching that got me here…. to my truth. I couldn’t see it at the time, but now I can and it suits me down to the ground and up to the heavens. It fits my personality amazingly. It’s amazing to feel like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

I am now so inspired to help millions and millions of others with their health and living the best life they can.

Caroline, Health Coach


“After 2 months of implementing Polly's teachings, I was able to have my first $21,000 month in my coaching business! I couldn’t believe it and I was ready to go on and take on even more!”

D’Arcy, Coach & Entrepreneur


“A massive shift in how I felt about money both on a personal and business level….in just one session!”

After the first session, I booked a dream client literally hours later. I have since up-levelled my business in all areas and increased my pricing, so that I am now charging the rates my knowledge and expertise are actually worth, and I have booked clients at these rates with grace and ease. A month later, I am now confident in my worth and my pricing and have since booked two high profile speaking engagements and 2 more ideal clients! I feel elevated on every level! 

Kim, Wedding Planner & Educator


“Money Beautifully is a brilliant programme: it is literally life changing!

Now I am actually making money from selling my artwork at last! I sold thousands of pounds of my work at my first exhibition as a new artist!”

Yulia Petrova-Meek, Artist


“One of the best business decisions I have made in 14 years of working for myself!”

Polly has been instrumental in helping me transform my life from being completely burnt out a year ago to now being completely re-energised, refreshed and so excited for the year ahead.

Together we have collapsed the timeline, started a new business, transformed my mindsets, nailed my social media profile, set up new business systems, rebranded, raised my rates, refocused my offerings, taken on new staff & transformed my own personal profile: all in 9 months.

Taking Polly on as my Business Coach has been one of the best business decisions I have ever make in 14 years of working for myself.

Adrian Stone, Filmmaker


“Through working with Polly I rediscovered my fight, my fire and my determination.”

Karina Lyburn, Photographer


“$31k in 30 days!”

My intensive with Polly was incredible…it was a complete healing of my broken heart – which was showing up in my business as an inability to receive more than enough money.

Within 30 days of our session I effortlessly manifested $31k into my business. I should also add that it came to me in the most unexpected ways and without any marketing!

Cara Rice, Business Coach


“I went from an insecure introvert, scared to show myself..... to a self confident woman selling healing packages & speaking in public.”

Maria Brunetti, Healer


“Income up by 86%!”

My bookings went up by 50% year on year, and now, six months after completing my mentoring with Polly, I have the same number of bookings that I did this time last year but with a booked income nearly 86% higher.

I have now a team of four working on an exciting new venture, a registered company & trademark, a fully developed website and a launch date set.

Ria Mishaal, Photographer & Educator


“Money Beautifully has the power to change your life! 

My confidence has increased 10x! I now have absolute faith in everything unfolding for my highest good & a whole new set of beliefs around money.” 

Lacy Mayberry, Writer

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“From £1600 to £6500….”

My rates used to be £1600, 2 weeks after starting with you I booked a £3500 client, 3 months later I have booked clients at £4500 and now £6500.

Your coaching has impacted me on so many levels….it’s one of the best things I have done with my life. I have gained huge self confidence, self belief & I feel like a new woman. Everyone in my life has commented how much more positive and happier I am.

That was the biggest gift your coaching gave me, the ability to connect with myself, my dreams and my joy.

Katie Julia, Artist