5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

I love seeing money as a spiritual journey. It makes it so fun and enriching!Just as we are spiritual beings having a human journey, so we are being called to master the truth about money so that we can tap into the infinite flow of abundance that is always available to us, and live a life that’s the fullest expression of who we are.Money is energy and if the energy is not flowing as much as you would like in your life or business, then read on. I am here to help! Money has been at the heart of my self development journey for my whole life…. one way or another!

  • trying to make it

  • trying to hold on to it

  • handling debt

  • stuck in the pattern of never enough: no matter whether I made 2k or 20k a month.

  • sabotage patterns – car crashes, tech fails

  • raising my rates

  • managing it

  • manifesting it

  • attracting clients

…..and so much more!

5 Ways Money is a Spiritual Journey

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

1. Money is a mirror.

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

It will mirror back to you how you feel about yourself – about your self worth, how deserving of money you are, and whether you give yourself permission to thrive. Do you believe you are worthy of being supported by money? 

2. Money is also about your relationship with others.

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

In order to receive money, you are going to have to ask for it!Ask yourself, can I speak up and ask for money? Do I fear judgement about my rates? What comes up when you think about asking for money for something that you love doing and comes naturally to you?Perhaps you fear being rejected, criticized or feel bad if people can’t afford your prices?This is a good indicator that you have some money blocks to clear in yourself (I help you do that in my Programme Money Beautifully in a clear step-by-step process) 

3. Money is about your relationship with the Creator or God.

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

a) Is God there for you in times of need?
b) Do you deserve the Creators support?
c) Does God love you?
d) Is it unspiritual to focus on money? Will God punish you or abandon you for focusing on the material instead of the spiritual?
e) Can you be both spiritual and wealthy? 

4. Money is about your relationship with the feminine and masculine sides of yourself.

5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey

a) Feminine – receiving
b) Masculine – taking action

You need to be in balance and be able to embody both energies in order to create, receive and hold on to money.With a lot of people I work with, where the relationship with the masculine and especially the father figure needs healing, they will have a distorted relationship with money.If this resonates with you, “My father was not there to support me”, “I was never good enough for my father” or “Nothing I did is ever good enough” are beliefs that you may be holding in your subconscious mind. 

5. Money is about your impact on the world.

More money coming in is a direct reflection of the number of people that you are impacting. So making more money means you are making more impact.The more people you help the more money you make!Good hey?!So if you are an artist or creative, the more people you reach with your art, the more joy you are bringing to people with your creativity.If you are a healer, the more people you help through workshops, online courses, and sessions, the more of a difference you are making in the world.The more you are fulfilling your life purpose, the more people you will be impacting in exactly the way you are here to impact.

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5 Ways to see Money as a Spiritual Journey
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