Emma, Photographic Artist & Mentor

I doubled my income during Money Beautifully...it's been a total gamechanger.

“I’ve worked with Polly privately & created phenomenal results, so when I saw she was launching Money Beautifully I jumped at the chance to join!

Before the course, my business had plateaued and I was struggling to bring money in. I wanted to change direction but I lacked the confidence to launch a new idea. I was frustrated and fed up.

Now half way through – and without changing my marketing or doing anything differently on the outside, things have started to turn around! I’m making money consistently, I am consistently booking clients.

It’s literally from completing the modules and doing the energy healing that this has happened!

The value of the Programme FAR exceeds what I have paid for it! I highly recommend Money Beautifully!”

Emma, Photographic Artist & Mentor